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Senin, 03 September 2012

moto drug's modification

Any Kinds of Picture Matic Modification Racing Looks and Drag Look Concept

Any kinds of picture modification racing looks and drag look concept thaiand's
mio and vario modification - racing look - drag look - racing modification
Any kinds of picture modification racing looks and drag look concept thaiand's
Trend modification homage to the style of motorcycle drag racing look to be the country of Thailand's most popular flow of current. Yup, lots of reasons other than because the flow is quite simple for the contrived, cheap acesories, and follow style young children.
Enough with the alteration of skinny legs n cingkrang impression besutan typical motor directly karapan already gained. Any kinds of picture modification racing looks and drag look concept thaiand's.
Any kinds of picture modification racing looks and drag look  concept thaiand's
Well, there's good info for mothai lovers, here there are inspiring new items to complement besutan MODIF cool. Look at the manufacturer matic view circulating in countries such as Thailand or Honda. Yamaha Mio Z Icon striping has appeared with more diverse, rich n rich color graphics.
Any kinds of picture modification racing looks and drag look  concept thaiand's
So, we are not forbidden jadi'in new inspiration. But the problem for typical striping dapetin mothai little variety store that is able to provide a choice of colors and styles are limited.
So, the duo matic from the town of Batu Malang have an idea make own distinctive striping memanfaatin Mothai with Digital Printing Stickers are often used in besutan Motocross. U'un creator of Cutting Stickers Bumiaji Batu village.
Any kinds of picture modification racing looks and drag look  concept thaiand's
Yamaha Mio experiments in white color with thin legs appear more Mothai with additional striping to take ideas from Yamaha Mio , Yamaha Mio Z or Soulnya Thailand. Quite taken aja graphic design and integrate your favorite colors can already make a hanging body sector.
Any kinds of picture modification racing looks and drag look  concept thaiand's
Hypercrea his name so it must be more innovative definitely wants to play not only trace, liat nih ekspreimen also second in the Yamaha Mio Soul racing look brand new item belongs to the owner cutting. Typical striping mothai dikembangin again with a decorative graphics in it, with the computer program would be so easy paduin design, motif n color that we want.
Any kinds of picture modification racing looks and drag look  concept thaiand's
Imbued with the distinctive techno graphics and logos or brand manufacturer imbued one with a typical groove striping mothai could've made even more striking appearance standards body. So make mothai lovers, dah nge time getting the display refresh mothairacing look matic modifications.
Any kinds of picture modification racing looks and drag look  concept thaiand's

New Satria FU Modif Simple Design

New Satria F Modif both rear gear
Today, he wants to hunting cute girls with Satria FU simple modif. What else if not the modif motors that must also dress up cute! "Said M. Nursalim, SMADA students who stay in the area Pulungan Pandaan.

Doi necessarily then dressed her Suzi by Satria FU-nge-style race style emang again booming community of slang among Pandaan. Penggarapannya fully completed by Fertile, big boss emang Thole Concept which have special Specializing in daily use MODIF design style.
New Satria F Modif both rear gear
The figure's legs were closed immediately cast wheelnya, then contrived settingannya spoke wheel with R eks. Satria Tromol support for the stern and Shogi 125 for the front. "The selection of ex Tromol Suzuki products more mengampangkan coz we have the same mounting bracket New Satria F Modif both rear gear and bushing-bushingnya" Fertile straightforward.

Reaffirming accent, racing wheel racing wheel follow-up dicangkoki almu U-Shape profile of the tire circumference mated cungkring 215-17. Moreover, direct digencarkan finishing projects with a total whitewash frame with metallic green color which more and more candy aura racing.

Body setnya white stained rehearsal had additive effect with shades of pearl yellow flag start. Increasingly small and attractive appearance when keresikan backed up his body-color and luster chrome titan in some sudutnya.tito

Specification of New Satria Fu MODIF
Rim: TDR, BAN: Mizzle-Swallow, Handle: Ride It, GAS: Bungbon, Grip: Moto GP, Coil: Ride It, FOOT STEP: Posh, CAT: Lumina White Gold, chromium: Chromium Bangil AB, modifier: Thole Concept , Jl.Ry Pandaan Cow Statue, Rear Yan Motor by Fertile.
New Satria F Modif both rear gear

Satria FU Modif 2009 Sidoarjo - Positive Rebellion

Satria FU Modif 2009 Sidoarjo-Parents could forbid modifying the motor, but Faruch've already dead in love with customizing motorcycles so reckless violation of the ban doi parent. "What's important I remain respectful and not brash with parent and I'm not a drug," he argued.

Junior high school students this Sidoarjo go to five outlets will close Budhienk Modified racing style trends. After consultation with the chosen hue modifier, the results look funky racing.

Bodi appeared compelling after modification mengguyurnya Budi padepokan owners with paint galaxy. It seems unimpressed plain varnish also pointed galaxy.
Sector appear attractive legs after sleeve pretentious front, rear and standard motor Footstep washed down by AB CHROME chrome layer Bangil.

Not to forget aseso legs also installed the U-shape rim TDR model clad in front of the rear tires Duro. cand

Spesification Satria FU MODIF :
Rim: TDR, BAN: Duro 60/80-17, SOK DPN: chrome, vinyl: Ride It, Tromol DPN: trusty, Tromol BLKG: Variations, CAT: Galaxies, varnish: Galaxies, modifier: Modified Budhienk, Tenggulunan Road, Sidoarjo tel. 085 730 700 001.

Honda Vario Racing Look Concept 2010

Honda Vario Racing Look Concept
As a sniper drugs work to overcome boredom, Aswin who work as a Movement Control Apron PT.Angkasa Pura at Juanda airport in Surabaya to take steps to modify the Honda Vario Racing Look Concept besutan apt introduction to this work.

Low Rider still be modif racing look concept, "While working in Surabaya, loss MODIF coz if not all accessories are widely available here," said this man Makassar origin.
MODIF Vario Racing Look own loot that was started by mengcustom feet wide footprint.

Application of the front rim behind the property with Tromol Suzuki Jimny car he had designed himself in turner from the factory default orsi Tromol materials.
Honda Vario Racing Look Concept
"I'd rather own my idea like a triangle with a wide front, turned away-turned even the steering wheel and the bracket itself was pure from my designs even kubikin own rear fender from ingredients in fiber," added the boarding house residents in Jl. 46 Manyar Sedati Supreme Sidoarjo.

Body areas are also getting creative touch on a unique-looking headlights were round headlamp foglamp owned cars and pearl white finishing elected body that still looks cool impression on this Vario Extreme modification.
Honda Vario Racing Look Concept
Specification MODIF:
Rim FRONT BACK: Suzuki Jimny, BAN: FDR 160/60/17 120/70/14 & Swallow, SCHOK BACKGROUND: Yamaha FIZR, mirror: Stage REM Handle: Brembo, TACHO: Type R, FILTER KARBU: Koso, exhaust: Honda Revo, seats: by Cak Mad, Painter: Airbrush Bhagonk Sidoarjo, MODIF TOTAL: 5 million.

The Best Mio Racing Look Modification Contest

yamaha mio racing look style the winners Mio Racing look of Djarum Black Motodify Solo 2010
Of the various categories that diperlombakan there is one category that followed many of the contest modification Djarum Black Motodify Solo 2009 and held at Diamond Solo Convention Centre (DSCC). Look Racing category is where this category is intended only motorcycle and dimodif matic already racing with an emphasis showbike model only with external performance as the main assessment. Flow modifications drag racing bike look, and only limited road race. In this class of Revelation Prasetiyo origin of Batu, Malang come out as winners of The Best Racing Yamaha Mio Racing Look with drag style bike.
yamaha mio racing look style the winners Mio Racing look of Djarum  Black Motodify Solo 2010
The owner wants to change her look more Yamaha Mio Racing Lookgahar with racing style but still look beautiful. "I want this motor racing formed a pretty mean look but if the racing class is usually just rely on cut-pieces of the body but if this is all accessories included to make it more beautiful," said Wahyu. To resolve this motor takes over two months in the workshop Gepeng penggarapannya Warrior Jl. Patimura seven treatments were: N0. 12th Batu, Malang.
yamaha mio racing look style the winners Mio Racing look of Djarum  Black Motodify Solo 2010
Thai style in order to pursue most of the parts that used to use the country of origin of products TDR White Elephant. "I want to lift all the parts wear TDR TDR, pinging is the Thai look," he explained. On the legs of The Best Mio Racing Look adopted a fork belongs Yoshimura, for standard parts in the braking system and replaced the disc discs gusur Ride It's a Marzocchi disc brakes clamped by Brembo calipers and Brembo master. Trusty drum fingers grabbed the chrome on the wheels of gold berkelir TDR 17/140 size. On the back of adopting the standard drum Shock Daytona and custom. Some parts are experiencing changes such as order custom standard, the front cover of Nouvo Z, a standard body fairing and engine cover custom Mio.
yamaha mio racing look style the winners Mio Racing look of Djarum  Black Motodify Solo 2010
Not only the exterior part of the experience modification, the kitchen pacemaker also experienced significant changes. Rev. confessed his Mio engine jumped to 300cc. "Engine 300 cc, this is used for drag (bike). Machine self-made BMS (Bowo Motor Sport)," said Wahyu. Sections such as changing the type of engine blocks that use RRGS, piston Scorpio, crutches as stroke 5ml, 32 Keihin carburetor, intake manifold Koso, Ignition TDR, Koso oil cooler, exhaust Kawahara. Accessories variations also decorate this drag bike like all the bolts were given oil cooler, handlebar clamp, handlebar stabilizer. To sweeten the look of revelation using brushes of water services by using the Cat Warrior Gepeng Sikken.

Honda Grand Yellow Chrome Full Body Modification

Yellow chrome full body modification  in grand 2000
Honda Grand output in 2000 at abis kinclong style modification. Why, because this grand honda modified with painted chrome yellow and chrome body in full. shock mounted on the right with the addition of front disc rear plus double front calipers rear. The used tires are worn tires drag racing. Alloy wheel spokes are used front and rear tire wheel disc using orbitals. At the time of modification of the motor in Jepara contest yesterday, he also entered the contest MODIF in Jepara. But unfortunately not yet a winner of a contest that modification.
Yellow chrome full body modification in grand 2000. Nice Modification concept for old motor cycle.

Yellow chrome full body modification  in grand 2000

Honda Grand 2000 Modification - With Green Chrome

This is picture of honda grand 2000 full modification with chrome concept full color. Body full chrome and brush with green color candytone. This picture motor honda grand 2000 modification i take when i see contest in jepara last month. Funky modification concept is the theme of this event contest. Many motorcycle like honda grand modification, and another honda modification i meet in there.

Full color chrome green modif honda grand 2000. and the winner of this contest in jepara i dont know. hehehe
Just share if you want to modif you motorcycle like this picture. Follow this modification unique concept. Make your new concept modification with your idea.

Jupiter Modification in Jepara Contest 2010

Jupiter Modification in Jepara Contest 2010
In this year, many motors yamaha jupiter in your area. Make you boring, because your friend have jupiters like yamaha standard. Notmodification never. So, if you like modif and change your motors with new concept modifcation. I think your motors will be good from color, models, and good view. Woman and gir will follow you. hehe

Jupiter Modification in Jepara Contest 2010
I have an idea. I want to buy yamaha jupiter all year. And i will to modif my motors jupiter like this picture. I will follow contest modification in my city and i will be the winner. My motor will be famous and have been enter in ototrend and otoplus magazine modification.

Contest Modification of Mio VS Beat 2010

honda beat modification with color concept chrome grafis
This is picture of honda beat modification with color concept chrome grafis. I think first of step to make the modification of this motorcycle is, first you must chrome your body motors. And then you must go to the place that can make paint concept grafis for your chrome body motorcycle. After that, buy the acessories for your honda beat full chrome grafis. If you live in solo, you can go to klitikan market in semanggi. Buy the cheap acessories for your motors. If you want to buy more expensive acessories, go to gemblekan. You can buy in garuda acessories of other acessories motors shop in there. Go to modif your motors now and follow the contest of modification next time in your city.

picture of mio drag modification
Dont worry, if you dont like the first modification. look at the picture of mio drag modification. I take the picture form contest modification in surabaya last month.
I have many photos and images about motors modification. I will post a lot of bike modification in this site. Keep Update just in this blogs. Thx for visiting my blogs about motors modification concept.

Yamaha Jupiter 2005 - Full Chrome Modification

Yamaha Jupiter 2005 - Full Chrome Modification
Picture of contest in surabaya last month. Yamaha Jupiter full chrome modification. Full body with chrome. In Indonesian language, we say full kroom. More expensive if you want to follow this concept of modification. If you want to try go to contest otomotif modification in your city, so modif and change your motors start from paint concept like grafisair brushchrome body, and many color concept of motor modification.

Yamaha Jupiter 2005 - Full Chrome Modification

Like this picture of yamaha jupiter modification. They add multimedia modification in this motors. Like TV, DVD players, and sound system. Modif your jupiter now like this photos.

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